"Hi, Sweetheart. You going out?"

"Just to meet Adrian for coffee. Bye."

"Who's Adrian?"

"Remember the plumber who was here the other day?"

"Yeah? He doesn't seem like her type."

"You mean because he doesn't have a ring through his nose or crop circles shaved into his hair?"

"What happened to the guy who only ate wild rice and dandelion greens?"

"Oh, he had to move when winter came. Frankly, I'm just happy Margaret has finally found someone normal."

"He seems nice enough."

"Not to mention cute."

"Cute? I never knew you noticed cute."

"You'd be surprised, dear. I'm not just the bland silly housewife everyone thinks I am. I have my deep dark secrets."

"The next thing I know you're going to tell me you don't really bake your pie crusts from scratch. No! So that's how it is! All this time you've been letting me believe....? Well, you are a naughty one."

"Having a dark side makes me more interesting, don't you think?"

"Relatively speaking. Relatively speaking."

Chapter 50: Meet the Girls

(Episode 11)

"Hi, Adrian. " "Oh, hey, girls.""Wow! She's so totally not his type."
"And how was it again that you happen to know what his type is?"
"Trust me, I know."
"OMG, you are so wicked!"
"Aww, that's so nice of you to say."
"I don't get it. Even if you know what type he likes, how do you all know she's not that type?""Just look at her. I'd say O-positive if anything."
"No way! With that skin? I'm going 100% with AB."
"You are totally on, Red. Put your money where your mouth is."
"Isn't money like full of those swarmy little germ things?"
"Whoa, girl. That was actually what is known as a figure of speech. Don't eat good cash."
"Oops. Am I bad."
"Like, totally! Hee hee."

Margaret can't help but be curious about the three young women at the next table. "Who are those girls, anyway?"

"Oh, them? They all live together in a big old house up on a hill. With their pet, this big old black cat with two different colored eyes. They like to make these weird concoctions that plug up the drains, so I get called out on a job pretty regular like. They're terrible cooks. If you ever get invited up there, I wouldn't eat anything they prepare. Make sure you order out."

"No kidding."

They are interrupted just then. "Maggie!"

"Oh, hey, Mitzi."

"This is my sister, Mitzi. She's the one who works here. Mitzi, this is Adrian."

"Hello Adrian."

"This is your sister? Nice."

"It's so beyond awesome to meet the people who get to be around you all the time. It must be like living in heaven."

Mitzi: "Um..."

"Would you excuse us for a moment?"

"Is he for real?"

"Define real."


(Episode 11)

At the Daily Grind Coffee Shop:

"I'll take a latte with double whipped cream. And add some chocolate shavings."

"And those pretty little candy sprinkles. And could you put a wafer roll in it?"

"Sure. Would you like something to drink with that?"

"I know I've got that gift card in here somewhere."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'm buying. I'll go get the drinks."

"Thanks, but I hate to waste that card. It's going to expire at the end of this month."

"What's this one?"

"Oh, that's my organ donor card. "

"You are so selfless, like a drop of chlorine in the cesspool of plasticanity."

"Oh, wow, blood type AB. That's a really nice flavor."

"Or so I've heard."

"Cool. I won? Oh, I won, I won!"

"Scrub the gloating, Red, or I'll so put a hex on you."