(Episode 9)
"Are we all done playing cops and robbers now?"


"It wasn't me that did anything, Lieutenant."

"I noticed. We'll deal with that later."

"She's the one started it all. "

"Right. What is it with you? Is it karma? Something I did in a past life?"

Mabel quickly comes to her sister's defense. "Okay, okay, all is well that ends well. It's good to see you again, Finnegan. Honey, help him up off the floor."

Ken is apologetic. "Sorry about that, man. I didn't know you were with the police. I thought you were after Barbie."

"Hey, no hard feelings. You're not bad for an old guy. Maybe we should meet sometime down at Fat Lip's Gym and go a few rounds."

"Um...I think I'll pass. But thanks for the invite."

Jeff knows Finnegan through his sister-in-law, Mitzi. "So what are you doing here, anyway? Did you come to see Barbie, too? I didn't think you were the type."

"We got a call that someone was going to harm Barbie. I was nearby, so I came right over. Undercover. Right behind Barney Fife over there."

"Actually, it's Officer Mike, Lieutenant."


"But it just seems like a friendly gathering here. If I find out who gave that false alarm..let's just say it's a crime to place prank calls to 911."

"That rule doesn't apply to drama queens, does it?"

Mitzi is reunited with her daughter.

Barbie is reunited with Ken.

"You're my hero. You tried to save my life."

"Well, golly willikers, Barbie. Don't you know that without you, I'd be nothing? I owe my very existence to you. "

Margaret can't help overhearing as she sidles up close. 'Hum de dum de. All so true.'

"I never really wanted to break up with you, Ken. The Top Suits made me do it."

"I know. They're heartless. They don't care at all about us little people. All they care about is how much money they can make off us."

"Off me. Without me, you'd be nothing, remember?"

"Ri-ight. I can see you haven't changed a great deal while we've been apart."


"Not on your life. I want to spend the rest of my days with you."

'Yeppers. They were made for each other.'

A few minutes later, in the kitchen: Betty is distraught. "I wish I had some refreshments, and maybe a present for Barbie. After all, it is her birthday."

"Drat. We should have brought the cake and presents from the coffee shop."

"Maybe we could send someone to get them."

"That will take way too long. We couldn't ask all her guests to wait."

"What you need is a little deus ex machina."

"A little who?"

"A little hand from the Gods. It was what the Greek tragedians did when they'd painted themselves into a corner in their plot."

One moment, coming right up.

"Happy Birthday, Barbie!"

"I can hardly wait to see what other humiliating experiences you have planned for me."

"I don't plan them."

"Oh, it's a gift?"

"Thank you so much for this...uh...really big piece of cake. Should we feed a little to the dog first, to see if it's safe?"

Henry chuckles. "Is she paranoid or what?"

"Hey, if you'd lived her life...do you know a congressman once tried to get legislation enacted to bar her from all stores?"

"OMG. A fate worse than death."

"I know, huh? Goes to show, we should all try to understand one another a little better."

"Here, Sweetiecums, I'll be your cake taster."

"Oh, thank you, Ken, that's so much better than using a dog."

Happy Birthday, Barbie, and may you have many more.

Note: If you haven't got the backstory on Mitzi and Finnegan, you're probably not one of those smart and patient people who have read all previous forty-one chapters. But there's still time to make it up. Mitzi and Finnegan first met in Episode 5 (beginning December 2008), but look for more of their history to appear in coming chapters.


Ms. Leo said...

I love the expression on Midge's face!

Plasticopia said...

She is a fine actress, isn't she? Very expressive, which is a rare quality among plastic people. I think we'll keep her on if she doesn't start demanding big pay raises.