(Episode 10)

"Oh. Wow. Unexpectedly unique taste. What's in these things, anyway?"

"Rough-milled organic flax seed, tofu, free range sea gull eggs, tender spinach leaves grown in worm-friendly manure-treated fields, chopped raw pumpkin seeds and eye of newt. No corn syrup or refined sugars."

"What? So I like to eat healthy."

Adrian rebounds gracefully. "Oh, totally right. You're so beyond the mindset of most people, I bet most of them can't even see you."

He sets aside the tofu donut. "So, hey...I think I'll leave the rest of this for you. Your health is so much more important than mine. You need to be around to lead the new wave, like, after the collapse of the world markets due to global pollution. "

"Can I have some of these?"

"You're going to eat mustard on crackers?"

"My favorite meal as a kid. My mother wasn't much of a cook, but she always kept plenty of mustard and crackers around. She made sure we got lots of preservatives in our diet so we'd live a long life. How about your mom. How was she?"

"I'm remembering her more fondly by the moment."


smidge girl said...

Oooh, nice, a cute plumber with an interesting background, and a point of view that's sure to rub her the wrong way, lol. This is going to be fun! I just love your sets, too.

Plasticopia said...

Great you could stop by again, Smidge Girl. Yep. Adrian's interesting family history is only just beginning!

smidge girl said...

I've actually been reading (or lurking, lol) and enjoying Plasticopia for a while now, but I'm so happy you're back, I just had to start posting:)

Plasticopia said...

Well, glad you did. It really really is inspiration to know that somebody actually visits Plasticopia and reads. I wish I got more comments. It's like an energy boost. And helps me focus...focus....