Episode 20

Deep in the hinterlands of Northern Plasticopia, there is a charming little bar known as the Barrett Lounge.

The Barrett is known for its lovely classical art.

And its sophisticated patrons.

Of course there is a gorgeous bartender, and it would be just wrong if there wasn't also a boring middle-aged married wolf trying to pick her up.

We are all thinking that she should have been paying attention to those news reports, years ago, about a stained blue dress instead of playing with her paper dolls.

Members of the POTUS Club meet at the Barrett frequently for companionship and light-hearted banter. The POTUS Club is a non-discriminatory association open to all individuals, living and dead, with the only admission criteria being that they have been elected by the rough majority of the population of the most powerful country in the world.

Abe is a particularly popular and respected member.

Everyone is retired but Barry, who still likes to show up when he can to exchange war stories with the boys.

Georgy is a bit of a whiner, but on the good side, after he's had a few he tends to pay for rounds.

Abe has the distance to be reflective and rarely is drawn into the squabbles of the other members.


Tracy India said...

Yay, you're back. Sorry, I'm new to your blog but I've been playing catch up over the last few weeks and just love your stories and dioramas. :)

Plasticopia said...

Thanks so much, Tracy. Welcome aboard.

Stuffbymichele said...

Brilliant! I loved it.

Plasticopia said...

Thanks, Michele. So lovely to have you come by.

Valerie Kelley said...

This was great!

Plasticopia said...

Thanks Valerie. It's so fun to have a forum for this kind of fun. Hope to see you again.

EbonyNicole30 said...

Welcome back and that was funny!

Plasticopia said...

Thanks, Ebony. And welcome to you. I will look forward to seeing you around again.