CHAPTER 35 :Where's Barbie? (Episode 9)

At the Daily Grind Coffee Shop, where Barbie's surprise birthday party is underway, the guests have eaten and drunk and loosened up a bit.

It is getting late, and still Barbie has failed to show.

While waiting for the guest of honor to arrive, they have managed to pass the time, each in his or her own way. Whoops. It looks like that Mexican hat dance was a little too complicated for Marilyn's tipsy feet.

"That's a lovely dress. Although I'm sure someone has already told you that it makes you look fat."

"You know, I was thinking much the same thing. Too bad red is not your color."

"So what's with the Santa hat...?"

"I used to have some really good parties. There was this one we had Prince Charley and what's her name-- the frumpy one? And the governors of four states, and also Brad Pott and Angelina Belle... am I boring you?"

Duh. Name dropper.

Mitzi is exhausted.

Ken is pensive.

He finds himself confiding in the staff.

"She's three hours late. I'm worried about her."

"Maybe she didn't get the message."

"Oh, yes, I'm sure she did. Of course we told her it was a swimming party, so she wouldn't get suspicious."

"Hmmm. Where did you tell her this swimming party was at?"

"Here, of course."

"Me thinks therein lies the problem. Maybe she thought somebody was pulling her leg and decided not to give them the satisfaction of seeing her fall for it."

"Who? Barbie? Impossible. She was made without a brain."

How sweet, he really does still care about her.

Continued in Chapter 36, most recent post at top of page.

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