CHAPTER 38: What a party! (Episode 9)

Back at the Daily Grind Coffee Shop, the party has continued. Everyone seems to be getting into the spirit, whether on the table...

or under it.

"Burp. Whudya say this stuff is cawed...burp...called? I's good."

"That's Metameatavegamin, honey. Very addicting, so be careful...

...oops, too late. Oh, well, enjoy the ride. Watch out for those flying monkey thingies, and if everything turns emerald green, it's a sign you're about to puke your insides out."

"Now where were we? Oh, yes, if we add false lashes it will bring out your eyes, and a little blush on the cheeks...ohhh, we're gonna have so much fun. Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"Whoopsie. The floor keeps moving. Are we still at sea?"

"Thanks for catching me. It's Ken, isn't it? Are you still broken up with the frigid one?"

"Rigid. It's not her fault she has no elbows or knees."

"It must make it hard to feed herself."

"It makes for entertaining, in a kindergarten food fight kind of way."

"Anybody want to see my moon walk?"

Mitzi has given up on the chance to meet Barbie. Clearly, she is not making an appearance. Already some are planning the after-party parties.

You want to come to my place and see my etch-a-sketch?"

"We're gonna have lots of fun together. I've got a hot tub. Now which one of you is Sugar and which one is Spice?"

Sharon is beginning to think wistfully of a warm bath and a pleasant half-hour reading in bed.

Her musings are interrupted by the ring of a phone.

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