(Episode 14)

When Mitzi was younger, she had asked her own mother about the origins of plastic people. Her mother had given her much the same answer she had just given her own little daughter, Randi. But the young Mitzi had lots of questions.

"Why is plastickind special among all the Great Maker's creations?"

"Well, dear, he could have made dogs and cats with opposable thumbs and earlobes, but he didn't, did he? Only plastickind is made in his own image."

Of course Mitzi had seen pictures of the Great Maker, which only confused her.

"But how do we know what the Great Maker looks like? Has anyone seen him?"

"Only in coffee stains, cloud formations and toast.

"But it's been enough for talented artists to get a good likeness."


Ms. Leo said...

I love this site. In reading it your intelligence and your sense of humor shows. It doesn’t hurt that you seem to have a good number of dolls to play as actors too.

Plasticopia said...

Thank you Ms. Leo. I'm so glad you enjoy it. And yeah!!! I have lots of dolls vying for acting spots. Storage has become the problem.