(Episode 12)

"Hello Officer Mike. What can I get for you?" Mitzi is still uncomfortable around the policeman, who has been on the scene of too many of her more humiliating moments.

"Hello, Ma'am. Haven't seen any more urchins or Barbie assassins, have you?"

Mitzi laughs. "Here? Look around you. Do you see the least sign of anything or anyone abnormal?"

"No, Ma'am. Looks like a group of peaceful law-abiding citizens. Of course, anyone who likes donuts can't be bad."

Adrian: "...so anyway, my mother mostly raised us by herself."

"Where was your father?"

"He was in the penitentiary for ten years."

"Let me guess. He robbed a blood bank?"

"What?! No!"

"Phew. Just let it be some ordinary run of the mill crime, Lord."

"It was a total frame job. My father would never have done something that stupid. Somebody put those bags of blood in his car!"

"Why would anyone do that?"

"Are you kidding? To throw them off the scent. Have someone else take the rap to conceal the fact that they'd been stealing the stuff for years. Probably an inside job."

"But why does anyone steal blood unless...you know...they have abherrant tastes?"

"You're being sarcastical, right? Oh, crap...you're not. No, no I don't think you're stupid. You probably never had to get your blood in some dark alley. But do you have any idea what the street value on that stuff is?"

"Yeah, I hear you. Me neither."

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