"Hi, Sweetheart. You going out?"

"Just to meet Adrian for coffee. Bye."

"Who's Adrian?"

"Remember the plumber who was here the other day?"

"Yeah? He doesn't seem like her type."

"You mean because he doesn't have a ring through his nose or crop circles shaved into his hair?"

"What happened to the guy who only ate wild rice and dandelion greens?"

"Oh, he had to move when winter came. Frankly, I'm just happy Margaret has finally found someone normal."

"He seems nice enough."

"Not to mention cute."

"Cute? I never knew you noticed cute."

"You'd be surprised, dear. I'm not just the bland silly housewife everyone thinks I am. I have my deep dark secrets."

"The next thing I know you're going to tell me you don't really bake your pie crusts from scratch. No! So that's how it is! All this time you've been letting me believe....? Well, you are a naughty one."

"Having a dark side makes me more interesting, don't you think?"

"Relatively speaking. Relatively speaking."


Ms. Leo said...

OK! I love Margaret's outfit! I have had that same skirt (comes with matching top-Chelsea outfit) for a long time. I couldn't really make it work for anyone but it looks great and even wintery in the pic with the boots, top and vest! Way To Go! It looks her style and the jewelry was a nice touch!

Plasticopia said...

Margaret is pleased you approve of her style. Yes, the skirt is from Chelsea, and the top, beads and fringe boots are from a Hannah Montana outfit...the vest is some older Barbie thing that came with a fringed leather skirt. Margaret was fortunate to be able to borrow from various sources to pull her outfit together.