Chapter 50: Meet the Girls

(Episode 11)

"Hi, Adrian. " "Oh, hey, girls.""Wow! She's so totally not his type."
"And how was it again that you happen to know what his type is?"
"Trust me, I know."
"OMG, you are so wicked!"
"Aww, that's so nice of you to say."
"I don't get it. Even if you know what type he likes, how do you all know she's not that type?""Just look at her. I'd say O-positive if anything."
"No way! With that skin? I'm going 100% with AB."
"You are totally on, Red. Put your money where your mouth is."
"Isn't money like full of those swarmy little germ things?"
"Whoa, girl. That was actually what is known as a figure of speech. Don't eat good cash."
"Oops. Am I bad."
"Like, totally! Hee hee."

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