(Episode 11)

At the Daily Grind Coffee Shop:

"I'll take a latte with double whipped cream. And add some chocolate shavings."

"And those pretty little candy sprinkles. And could you put a wafer roll in it?"

"Sure. Would you like something to drink with that?"

"I know I've got that gift card in here somewhere."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'm buying. I'll go get the drinks."

"Thanks, but I hate to waste that card. It's going to expire at the end of this month."

"What's this one?"

"Oh, that's my organ donor card. "

"You are so selfless, like a drop of chlorine in the cesspool of plasticanity."

"Oh, wow, blood type AB. That's a really nice flavor."

"Or so I've heard."

"Cool. I won? Oh, I won, I won!"

"Scrub the gloating, Red, or I'll so put a hex on you."


alatecablebill said...

wow. how long does it take you to finish like one chapter?

Plasticopia said...

Way too long! I love the photos that don't require much editing, because they go up quick. On the other hand, I am fascinated by the whole process, so time passes very fast while I am doctoring photos or redoing dialogue. It's the creative process, the quest to get better! But it is safe to say that many hours go into each chapter.