Margaret can't help but be curious about the three young women at the next table. "Who are those girls, anyway?"

"Oh, them? They all live together in a big old house up on a hill. With their pet, this big old black cat with two different colored eyes. They like to make these weird concoctions that plug up the drains, so I get called out on a job pretty regular like. They're terrible cooks. If you ever get invited up there, I wouldn't eat anything they prepare. Make sure you order out."

"No kidding."

They are interrupted just then. "Maggie!"

"Oh, hey, Mitzi."

"This is my sister, Mitzi. She's the one who works here. Mitzi, this is Adrian."

"Hello Adrian."

"This is your sister? Nice."

"It's so beyond awesome to meet the people who get to be around you all the time. It must be like living in heaven."

Mitzi: "Um..."

"Would you excuse us for a moment?"

"Is he for real?"

"Define real."

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