(Episode 2)

The first one to whom Johnny Main took the golden shoe was his old friend.

"Come on, Joe. You can do it. Push!"

Unfortunately, Joe could not cram his foot into the shoe.

A disappointed Johnny Main and his staff went out through all the land in search of The One who could step into the vice-presidential shoe.

Night and day they searched...

to no avail.

A discouraged Johnny Main was browsing magazines one day while grocery shopping. His eye was attracted by a certain magazine cover. "Look at those feet!" he exclaimed to himself. He immediately sought an audience with Cindersara and attempted to persuade her, despite her intense resistance, to try on the golden shoe.

Flattered, she nevertheless felt compelled to be forthright. "I'm sure it would not be hard to find someone more appropriate for this great honor. I don't have enough experience to be vice president, and certainly not to be president in case you...you know...croak. I know nothing about national issues, foreign affairs, or basic economy. I can't put a coherent sentence together without a teleprompter. Frankly, I'm just a pretty face with the ability to sway crowds by memorizing and repeating the things they love to hear. Besides, I have my family to consider, I don't want their adorable names dragged through the mud, nor do I want to callously use them as my platform. And I love Laska, I would never do anything to offend or embarrass my constituents here."

But Johnny Main was persistent. "You can wear really expensive clothes."

"Oh, well, okay then."

Of course the shoe fit perfectly, and since she just happened to have another like it in her cupboard, Cindersara finally had a matching pair.

Johnny Main was utterly charmed and was certain this was exactly the person the camp...country needed.

They spent a whole hour together chatting. They talked about all Cindersara's executive experience and views on various matters and her mavericky ways. Since they had lots of time left over, they discussed hockey and lipstick and marks on ears.

And so the would-be president carried Cindersara away with him, certain the whole world would be as enthralled with her as was he.

Along the way they came to a crossroads, as even plastic people sometimes do.

They hardly seemed to pause, for it was late and they had miles to go before they rested.

Thoughtful people may say that it is just such crossroads that determine the destiny of an individual, a family, even a nation. How, and in what way, is the stuff of legends.

"Yes dear?"

"Did Cindersara live happily ever after?

"That remains to be seen."

"Did she take the right path?"

"That you must decide. Go to sleep now, no more excuses."


"What is it now?"

"Will you be here in the morning?"


"Good night, Mommy."

"Good-night, my love."


TiaNor said...

bravo! bravo! Well told and pure enjoyment! I look forward to future chapters.

Credits said...

Thank you all for the encouraging comments. This photostory grew out of a few simple dolls I picked up at a garage sale for my grand-daughter two summers ago. Of course they needed clothes, so we turned to ebay, which provided a glimpse into a whole new world of doll collecting. Unable to find good quality, true-scale furniture and clothing, I began to make them. We picked up more dolls to fill out our "families" and soon plastic people were taking over my home. They then began to agitate for their own forum, their own stage, to reach out to the millions of big people who hardly seem to know they exist. And so, Plasticopia was born.

It is a challenging passion, a time-consuming one and -- yes -- an expensive one, but it is the most fun I've had in a lifetime.
I hope each of you picks up just a little bit of the enjoyment that the little people have brought to me.

Stephanie P.

silkstone1 said...

well, if its sales you need turn to thedollpage.com look for xenobia there , use the search engine she has a treasure trove of dolly stuff, fast shipping friendly, and best of all quality stuff you can paint , some of it is barbie items from the 90's but worth repainting with a little paint you can do wonders, if you need help just holler hey jeff.