Mitzi is reading a bedtime story to her little daughter, Randi.

888In those dark days, Senator Murkyski had come back from Laundrytown to be governor of Laska. He appointed his own daughter to take his senate seat, which saved the people tens of dollars that would otherwise have been necessary to redo name tags and stationary.

As governor, Frankie Murkyski was very unpopular -- and not well liked, either. He really made the people mad when he bought himself a new jet with all the money he saved in stationary, and a whole lot more of the public funds besides. The people didn't like it that he got to travel in a jet while they had to drive their clunkers or take the bus or go by dogsled.

So they threw Frankie out of the governor's office and put Cindersara in his place.

"You're sure I can't have one last ride? Just a little itsy-bitsy one?"

"Read my lipstick. No-oh."

"Hey, I voted for you!"

The first thing Cindersara did in her new office was to sell Frankie's jet on eway.com (well, not really, but this is a fairy tale) and the second was to say 'thanks but no thanks" to a proposed bridge to Neverland (well, not really, but this is a fairy tale).

Fortunately, those people who wanted to get to Neverland could still go by pixie dust, except those few who had no happy thoughts, and they weren't good traveling companions anyway.

Everyone loved Cindersara. Well, maybe not quite everyone. It was inevitable that she would make a few enemies and lose a few friends on the road to greatness.

"Now boys, let's not be hasty. It's just politics, after all."

When negotiation failed, she dealt with dissension decisively, with intelligence and courage.

"I've got a gun and I know how to use it."


"Yes, dear?"

"Did Cindersara ever tell a lie?"

"Only little white ones, honey, and then only when necessary to avoid the truth."

To be continued... Editor's Note: If the next chapter is not directly below this one, click on "Older Posts". The dates have been altered to permit continuous reading.


TiaNor said...

Great photography. A nice variety of angles. I'm getting lots of wonderful photo tips from your stories. Thanks!

Bay Glamour Girl said...

You are so talented!