CHAPTER SIX: THE LEGEND GOES ON.... Take it around back." One day a very special delivery arrived at the governor's home. "But this is a very special delivery for Governor Cindersara." "Special delivery, yeah, right. This is the governor's mansion. Every delivery is special." After a hard day serving the people of Laska, Cindersara was lost in thoughts of how she could improve the lot of all the wonderful constituents of the Greatland, when her eye chanced to fall upon the package that had been dumped against a bureau. How Cindersara loved surprises! She eagerly ripped off the wrapping. It was indeed a special delivery! Wouldn't the good people of Laska be surprised! Cindersara and her husband were overjoyed that the Great Maker had chosen to send them another future voter -- five in all -- who, raised up right, would one day swell the ranks of Cindersara's favorite political party (the non-elite one). The birthrate was on their side. Cindersara was the darling of various groups, like the WGGA (We Got Guns Association). Like many Laskans, she was an avid hunter of four-legged things. As her children grew older, she shared with them the joy of the hunt. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IMAGE IS GRAPHIC (although totally, like, not real). One for the pot! "Mommy?" "Yes, my little huntress?" "Can I be a vegetarian?" To be continued.... *Note: The housekeeper is shown in this segment for illustrative purposes. In reality, she was fired by Governor Cindersara to save the taxpayers money, which made Cindersara very popular with everyone except the housekeeper; she lost her insurance, her home, her life's savings and custody of her little crippled grandson, who turned himself into child protection services for assignment to a foster home on the day his grandmother pawned the x-box to buy food. The housekeeper died shortly thereafter of various untreated ailments and a broken heart, leaving her apron and her ceramic pig collection to her twin sister.

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