(Episode 1)

Fortunately, plastic people are extremely resilient. Mitzi is genetically predisposed to a sweet winsome smile, even in the most trying of times.

"....and I am awarding Defendant Mitzi full custody of Miranda. To Plaintiff I give everything else, lock, stock and barrel. He will only be required to pay child support if you can find him, and then only in an amount sufficient to keep the child at the poverty level. I should give Defendant something else to balance things out ... oh, I know. She can have her old name back; from hence forth Defendant shall be known by her maiden name, Mitzi Little. There, I think that's a fair resolution, not like when my wife divorced me and I got taken to the cleaners. Court is adjourned."

Mitzi sets about the business of finding a new home for her and Randi.

After looking for days, she is shown a seen-better-days-but-still-loveable home in a low-rent area.

For all it is old and has a stove that is right out of The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew...

and is not in the best neighborhood...

it seems comfortable.

The realtor promises to have someone fix the bullet holes in the ceiling.

Mitzi and Randi move in immediately.

Mitzi removes the "For Rent" sign

while Randi keeps a look-out for new friends.


A new friend -- complete with frog, warts and all.

When you're very small, it is a time of big beginnings. It is the only opportunity for making life-long friends.

Moms know this, and it makes them feel glad for their little ones, but kind of sad, because by the time you get as old as a mom, most of the lifelong friends are taken, and the rest have trust issues.

It's time to go in. Randi waves good-bye.

Billy fades back into the shrubbery from which he emerged.

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TiaNor said...

I enjoy your use of greenery! Your outdoor scenes have been fabulous. I appreciate your humor as well. Bravo!