Mabel is a great comfort to Mitzi. "There, there, Sweetie. You just have a good cry. I'm here for you as long as you need me."

Mitzi is so lucky to have such an understanding big sister. She sobs as if her heart will break.

Mabel's eyes pass over the clock. "Oh, look at the time. I'm late for my hair appointment."

She whips off her apron.

"But...but...I thought you were here for me as long as I needed you. I need you."

"There, there. You'll be just fine. Put on a happy smile and everything will look better tomorrow." Mabel grabs her purse. "Anyway, you wouldn't want me to look scaggy, would you?"

Of course Mitzi wouldn't. You never want the people you love to look scaggy. So she waves good-bye to Mabel and has a very good cry all alone, wiping her nose on the dish towel and remembering to put it in the laundry afterward.


lhalterman said...

I enjoyed my visit to plasticopia, and know soon I will have to line up to get on this site because it will soon be a most popular site.

I may have the first comment but it will be one of many. Keep up the good work and writing, thank you for sharing it with me.

TiaNor said...

I love that your dioramas have ceilings! Mine do not! Ahhh...it's nice to dream. Another excellent job!