(Episode 15)

Mitzi is on the phone with her sister.

"...beautiful flowers and candy from a secret admirer and I have no idea who he is. I imagine him as being tall and dark and handsome, strong but compassionate, direct but sweet, intelligent but with a good sense of humor. Someone who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. With a steady paycheck. The difficulty is...I don't think I know anybody like that."

"Maybe that's the problem. Maybe you're looking at it from the wrong direction. Maybe he's someone with his heart in the right place, but he's not perfect. Maybe he's got some personality deficits."

"You mean like Sammy? Although I'm not sure his heart is in the right place...I'm thinking it's either growing in the lining of his stomach or maybe behind his left ear."

"Or somewhere else. Anyway, try thinking in terms of somebody less admirable and you might figure out who it is. I mean, Prince Charmings do come with warts. Just like everyone else in the world."

"Good point."

The next day, at the Daily Grind Coffee Shop, Rita from the Tynee Blooms Flower Shop stops by for coffee. Mitzi is explaining about the secret admirer.

"...so then Sammy says 'what a jerk, he didn't give you any pecan clusters' and I started thinking about it, and I realized he was right. I mean, who buys the cheap candy without the clusters? Obviously someone who puts money before sentiment, who skimps on the important stuff. A miser with no respect for women. I'm sure he must be ugly, because why else wouldn't you want someone to know who you are?"

"Certainly a coward. Maybe it's a stalker."

"Oh, you are so right, as usual."

"You better be careful, Mitzi, the world is full of strange people."

Rita takes her leave, coffee in hand, and Mitzi turns to the next customer.

"Oh, hi, Finnegan. The usual?" Mitzi's heart flutters a bit at sight of the police detective.

"Uh. No, no. Upon reflection, I'm thinking I'll just turn and stalk out of here."

"That was strange. I wonder why he didn't want his usual mocha and bagel."

Sharon: "Are you naturally obtuse or is your brain just going through it's mid-winter freeze?"


Hippolyta said...

Omg - noooooo!!! *head in hands* Ohh Mitzi... Run after Finnegan - quickly!!! (I love this couple - nothing goes smoothly for them!! lol.)

Plasticopia said...

Nothing does, does it? Can they get it together? Thanks for commenting Hippolyta.

smidge girl said...

Auuugggh! Mitziiiiiii! I love her, but, wow. She can be dense, lol! Wake up! Look right in front of you! Oh, Mitzi. :)